HSD Introductory Taster Materials

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As an HSD Associate you share your HSD story in many ways. These materials were created to help you plan and offer a one-day HSD Taster event. Use them as they are here or modify them slightly according to your needs.

What is a Taster?
Networks and collaborations with whom you work, in your community or organization, may seek more in-depth descriptions and explanations of the basic models and methods and philosophy of human systems dynamics. This package of information helps you create a customized presentation to fit their needs, and it helps guide your presentation through HSD basics in a one-day format. It can also be adapted to present in a shorter format, if needed.

So What do You Have to Do to Prepare?
Look over the materials. Brush up on the models and methods.
Find a location that is comfortable for the audience.
Invite people to attend.
Find out in advance what they would like to know more about.
Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole.
Set a timeline for preparation.
Set a timeline for delivery.
Decide on a budget and whether you are going to charge.
Design a registration process, if needed.

Now What?
Keep it simple.
Give the presentation.
Stand in inquiry, and dialogue.
Seek feedback.
Invite interested participants to seek further training opportunities with the HSD Institute.
Provide links and resources.

If you are interested in doing a Taster event, let us know at info@hsdinstitute.org and we can help you think through what’s necessary.