Learning Triangle

Learning triangle.wiki

The Learning Triangle represents the self-organizing process that occurs when individuals bring together their theoretical knowledge and challenges with their practical knowledge and challenges to produce new learning.

At each level, new learning feeds back into practice, resulting in further learning. These iterative cycles continue to build new theory and practice as the individual continues to enrich the theory base and hone skills.

This model can be used to inform instructional and curricular design to improve and/or increase the learning experiences that support and reinforce the cycle. Sharing awareness of what is needed – the challenges – and sharing what new knowledge is gained – results of experiences with Adaptive Actions – are key parts for effective Learning Triangle practice. It’s part of the reason for the simple rule: Share your HSD Stories. Learning from failures and building up everyone’s portfolio in the skill sets in the HSD Learning Triangle is good practice for all Associates.

So thank you in advance, for continuing to contribute to the strength of the Learning Triangle.