Radical Rules for Schools

Radical rules.

With a total of over 50 combined years of service in public education, the authors of this book understand the challenges of current school reform approaches. And they are steeped in understanding and applying the principles of HSD in a wide variety of organizations and situations. This book provides hopeful and powerful insights into how patterns emerge in complex systems. It goes on to recommend a short list of simple rules that can shape generative patterns of teaching and learning. This approach to school reform by building adaptive capacity at all scales in the system offers a radical approach that addresses shortcomings of traditional models.

Each idea in the book is supported by quotes from teachers, administrators, and other school personnel who have used these principles to bring about significant change in planning and collaborating for generative teaching and learning. It is now available and can be purchased on Amazon.com or at our author page.

Here we share the Introduction and Chapter 1 for as a hint for what’s to come.